Competition | First Build – Icebox Challenge

Project | Secure Medical Case


FirstBuild is an online and physical community dedicated to designing, engineering, building, and selling the next generation of major home appliances.

Challenge Brief

“ The refrigerator is the hub of the kitchen and now 3D Printers give us the ability to customize this hub to fit our lifestyles.”

“This challenge is aimed at designing solutions that can be placed inside of your refrigerator. Ideas could range from purely 3D printed pieces to battery operated electromechanical devices.”


“Each year children younger than 6 years are hospitalized after getting a hold of family member’s medication”… “most of this medicines can be kept at room temperature, however some require refrigeration”. It was with this two premises in mind that I started designing the Secure Medical Case. Compact and with a practical drawer system this solution uses the shelf as support, leaving a significant amount of free space underneath. To prevent curious children from trying to open it, this medical case features a key lock with an unusual shape.



Installation is easy and straightforward. For wire grid shelves there is a 4 clip system and for glass shelves you can use 4 suction cups instead.



To prevent insulin bottles from falling and roll inside, it is possible to insert up to 4 easy to mount bottle supports.




Every component is 3D printed without supports or the need for post-processing. Assembly was made easy with a snap-fit system, avoiding the use of glue or screws.