Client | MyMiniFactory

Project | Starbucks Upcycling


Nearly a third of the United States’ solid waste stream is product packaging, according to non-profits As You Sow and the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC). After the recent scandal about Starbucks non recyclable paper coffee cups, I decided to design some useful and interesting objects made from their packaging waste. My idea was to combine packaging elements with 3D printed parts, in a way, they could be assembled without any glue. Hopefully, this project will inspire people to find new and original ways to upcycle such useful resources.


I though it could be interesting to show people that, this resources that usually are considered nature’s worst enemy, could actually be used to benefit it. It was with this idea in mind, that I start working on the  bird feeder project. By upcycling a small plastic bottle, a dome lid and a straw, together with some 3D printed parts, it’s possible to help birds getting food. All 3D printed parts were designed to be printed without supports and to be assemble without glue. The picture above shows an example made by a MyMiniFactory member (Alan Ryder).



Using starbucks dome lid, I decided to designed other two everyday objects. With two small 3D Printed parts, it is possible to convert the dome lid into a useful funnel for kitchen use. Also with two  3D printed elements, you can assemble this simple tea-light candle holder.


Funnel  made with a dome lid and two 3D printed parts.


Tea-ligh Candle Holder made with a dome lid and two 3D printed parts.