Client | MyMiniFactory

Project | Micro:Bit Slim Case


After the launch of Micro:Bit, an ARM-based embedded system designed by the BBC for use in computer education in the UK, I started designing a 3D printed case. More than a protective case, I wanted it to be a starting point for the development of new and interesting projects. The idea was to create a system, were different accessories could be attached to adapt the case to new sceneries or better interact with kids everyday objects. It should be slim, resistant, printed without supports and easy to assemble without the need for screws or glue.


The case is made mainly by one piece, ensuring better resistance and durability. Edges were avoid in order to achieve better ergonomics and printing quality. By optimizing the internal space, it was possible to reduce thickness and create a socket for the different clip accessories. The case was also designed so other modules, like portable battery and sensors, could be easily attached. To reduce space and simplify the connection with the board ports, five Dupont male connector plugs were inserted on the bottom part.


Left: Bicycle Clip; Pocket Clip; Pen Clip; Ring Binder Clip, Elastic Clip;  Magnetic Clip | Right: Battery or sensor modules can be easily attached with a snap-fit system.


Once the Micro:Bit is inserted on the main piece, the top and bottom parts secure the board, and buttons pop-in to complete the assembly.