Helder L. Santos | Designer
Innovative and forward-thinking designer with experience in interior and product design complemented by an international and eclectic academic background. Recognized proficiency in working on new ideas, choosing appropriate materials, testing designs, meeting client requirements, collaborating and evaluating the feasibility of products. Skilled in developing and conceptualising multi-phased projects with expertise in 3D printing and prototyping.

“Efficiente, rapido, competente, Helder ha dimostrato grande professionalità ed un’ invidiabile elasticità nell’ affrontare e risolvere le varie problematiche sorte sul lavoro. Il suo stile, essenziale, elegante e funzionale, si è adattato perfettamente alle nostre necessità. Una figura professionale sulla quale contare ad occhi chiusi.”

by Marco E. Sfregola  – Key Account Sales Manager

“I worked with Helder on a project that involved creating a portable case for the Beaglebone Black Microcontroller. I picked Helder for the design work after seeing his amazing portofolio online. In terms of 3D Modelling and Product Design he is one of the leaders in the 3D printing field. He was a joy to work with, very responsive and intuitive to the requests I laid in front of him.”

by George Fisher-Wilson – Business Development and Communications Manager 

  • "Helder has been an invaluable asset to our design resources at Layer One. He designed a 3D printable lab activity that was as elegant as it was educational to the students it served. He was responsive to feedback and took our opinions and suggestions in stride, leading to a wonderful product."

    by Michael Gálvez - International Marketing Manager

  • “ Helder represents the best of forward-thinking designers for 3D printing. As a member of MyMiniFactory Studios, Helder is of course technically capable of designing some of the nicest and well presented objects for 3D printing that you'll see.”

    by Romain Kidd - CEO

  • “Helder understands the 3D printing process in such a way that he can design finished products of very high quality, cutting the need for post-processing or support material for example. I am also inspired by the content he creates, whether remixing upcycled objects, accessibility products or educational content”

    by Rees Calder - Chief Marketing Officer